How To Make More Money/Multi-Level Marketing Schemes

Yes, lots of people want to know this. It’s not even difficult, really, as long as you have someone to teach you about money. But not everyone is willing to teach people about money. Take real estate agents, for example. Some of them are making a lot of money. But how likely is a real estate agent to tell you to become a real estate agent yourself, in the same area as they are, when you would end up becoming their competition and possibly resulting in less money for them?

Exactly. No one. There are plenty of multi-level marketing schemes where they try to convince you to sell life insurance, or whatever it is they’re trying to get you to sell. But before you sell this insurance, you have to pay an up-front 150 dollars to get the “materials” to become an insurance agent. And then there’s 20 dollars for the test, 200 dollars for some meeting you need to go to, and another 100 to get the license. It’s the same thing as the real-estate agents: why would a licensed insurance agent try to convince people to become insurance agents too, unless he was making money off those people trying to become insurance agents? Then the “fees” to become an insurance agent make complete sense. In the end, it ends up costing you 400 dollars to become an agent, when in reality you could have just taken a class online for 50 dollars or less and gotten the license.

This isn’t to say you can’t make money from these schemes, of course. You absolutely can, if you’re willing to prey on poor unsuspecting people trying to make an honest living. Then, you collect a cut of their 400 dollars and sit back in your money. You have to be a certain kind of shark to be a part of multi-level schemes, preying on everyone in your vicinity (family and friends are usually the first victims). You then convince them to buy whatever you’re selling, and then sell whatever you’re selling too (after they buy the 400 dollar package to obtain the privilege to sell it), because you’ll be making a cut from that. So, if you feel okay with doing that type of thing, while knowing that 90% of people fail at this for various reasons, then go ahead. I know a person who recently tried to convince my boyfriend and I to participate in one of these ridiculous schemes, and she truly believed she was doing something good, which is laughable. I’m not one to judge, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but when I asked anyone questions about the insurance “agency”, they said it was okay to feel skeptical, and proceeded to ramble for 20 minutes, without ever answering my questions. They have a good way of making you think they’ve answered your question, when in reality they’ve done nothing of the sort. You know, like Republicans.

So, in short, multi-level marketing schemes are not, for kind people, the way to make money. I just didn’t feel right tricking people into giving me their money. I feel there’s a special place in hell reserved for people like that. But I digress.

The most important thing to know about money is this: to make more money, and to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, you need to have multiple streams of income. No, I don’t mean having two incomes in the household, one per person. I mean having multiple streams of income per person.

For those of you working minimum wage jobs, this may seem difficult. You’re already spending 90% of your time in this job, without much progress. You’ve been there for over a year and you’re not even making more money. You’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, and everyday feels like a struggle. It’s frustrating. I’ll talk more about the minimum wage and its cruelty later.

But consider this: you’re working for a business. The company is making oodles of money, specifically thanks to its employees working for pennies in comparison to what the Big Bosses are making. It’s criminal. But to get out of this rut, you need to start your own business. This may sound time-consuming, money-consuming, and very difficult, but the truth is that it isn’t. And whatever time it does consume, it is well worth it in the end. When you start your own business, you earn 100% of the money you are making for the company–your company. When you are working for someone else, you are earning anywhere from 5% to 60% of what they are making. They’re obviously making more money (off people like you).

Consider your skill sets. Are you using any of them in your job? No? Probably not. Are you enjoying this job? Probably not. You’re making miserable money, because it’s not enough and you’re miserable. Now, I’m not telling you to quit your job right this second. Keep it until your business starts growing. Take one of your skill sets and set it up into a business. Put an ad up on Craigslist (it’s free), print out flyers for your business and post them on poles (don’t try to pass them around. It doesn’t work out well. You can try it, but how many people trying to pass flyers out have you ignored?) You really don’t have anything to lose except maybe an hour or less of your time. Even if you only get one customer in a month, that’s one more customer than you would have ever had before if you didn’t try. And if you please this customer, they’ll tell their family and their friends, who will tell their friends and family, and so on.

Be realistic. Minimum wage jobs are fine, but don’t think they’re anything but temporary. You deserve to grow and use skills you want to use. When you’re happy with what you’re doing, and making enough money to live off it, your quality of life will go up.

Good luck <3.


Going Gluten-Free

Going gluten-free without ever knowing anything about gluten-free foods can be pretty difficult. A little while ago, I found that I have PCOS, which makes me gluten-intolerant. I can still eat it, but I’ll gain more weight and my stomach will hurt. (It explains all those years of my stomach never feeling well.) It also was most likely the cause of my not getting my period anymore. So, I stopped eating gluten. A couple months later, I got my period back. I’m still not on a regular schedule, but I will take having a period every two weeks over never having it. Never having your period can apparently lead to cancers and just a bunch of bad things. Plus, it’s scary. It feels like it’s never coming back. Most girls don’t ever get to say they miss their periods. But let me tell you, I was very happy when it came back.

At any rate, before going gluten-free, my diet consisted almost entirely of carbs and sugar. Cereal for breakfast, burgers for lunch, and pasta for dinner. My blood was composed of alfredo pasta sauce. So going gluten-free was really difficult in the sense that I had no idea where to start. Plus, I’m a really picky eater. And going gluten-free when you have no gluten-free ingredients (that you know of) can be expensive and stressful.

So, to start, here are some basic gluten-free foods:

  • eggs
  • most drinks (water, milk, soda, coffee)
  • vegetables (any, plain)
  • meat (any, plain)

Watch out for:

  • anything made with flour (flour is made from wheat. Wheat has gluten. You would have to get non-wheat flour, like coconut flour or almond flour.)
  • breaded foods (those chicken nuggets you love? That’s right. They’re not gluten-free. Say goodbye to the nuggets.)
  • Beef jerky (it has wheat in it, unless it specifically says gluten-free.)
  • pasta (unless it’s rice noodles or something not made with wheat)

The evil ingredients:

  • wheat
  • whey
  • yeast (not always, but definitely be wary of it.)

Basically, if you’re not sure if something is gluten-free, read the ingredients. If it’s overly processed, such as most snacks are these days, it’s probably got gluten in it. Bye-bye, Cheetos. Goodbye, Oreos. Basically every snack in the chip and cookies aisle.

I went to Trader Joe’s thinking that they would have gluten-free items. I was right, but it was super expensive. Plus, their gluten-free section isn’t organized. It’s irritating and stressful to wander aimlessly around the store trying to find different foods and wondering which ones are gluten-free or not.

So, for less stress and cheaper items, go to the gluten-free section in Walmart. It’s very small, but there is one. It has a bunch of basic ingredients like coconut flour, and some snacks similar to Oreos, along with cookies, etc. The main thing about going gluten-free is discipline. If you don’t have celiac disease, it’s okay to cheat a little occasionally, as long as it’s like a donut a week or maybe a piece of bread one morning. Of course, you can always buy these items gluten-free.

Also, don’t forget to surround yourself with snacks and stock up your pantry. It’s much harder to stick to a gluten-free diet when you never have any immediate glutenless food on hand. Who wants to cook chicken for 20 minutes when the bag of Cheetos is right there and can be eaten as soon as you open the bag?

So, if you’re lazy, get some gluten-free snacks. They may not be as good as Cheetos but at least you won’t regret them later when your stomach is punishing you for your sins.

Trump: A Possible Dictator

With Trump being our new President, it seems he’s used his first three days in office to completely overthrow everything good. In these three to four days, he has already:

and much more ugliness. He has even restricted governmental employees from tweeting, which is horrifying in itself. It is a little too similar to the dictatorship in North Korea, and my fears have only worsened with everything that he signs into law, or every half-witted plan his orange head concocts. As of right now, it doesn’t seem like anyone is able to do anything to stop him. It’s disheartening and I don’t quite know what to do. I keep searching for ways to escape from his evil, but it’s hard. I hope that in the future, citizens of the United States do not have to become refugees and escape to other countries. Because I sure feel like that is the road down which we are headed.

Patreon Update

I know my posts have been scattered here and there, but I’ve been working. Unfortunately, blogging doesn’t feed me (I know…devastating).

However, I would like to do art more as a career if possible, so I’ve opened up a patreon to get things started! At the very least, it’s a space I can post all the things I can make. You guys know I love any crafts and diy.

The link is here to my patreon, I hope you can check it out! I’ll post more soon 🙂

Gifts That Won’t Break Your Wallet

I love the holiday season. As soon as Halloween is over, I get the urge to cram peppermint bark into my mouth by the handful and drink eggnog until I puke. You’re welcome for that image in your mind. However, although I love giving presents, sometimes I get really sad because I don’t have the finances to get everyone I love everything they want. Furthermore, sometimes people just don’t want anything. I’m one of those people–I just can’t seem to think of anything I want when people ask me if I would like any gifts. What I would love is a lower college tuition, but at this point winning the lottery seems more plausible than that happening. Donald Trump had more of a chance of winning than college tuition being lowered. And…he won. So. You get the idea.

Just because you want to get a gift that doesn’t break your budget doesn’t mean it has to be cheap. I’ve gotten beautiful gifts that, emotionally, are priceless to the person I’m giving them. For one of my best friends, I made her a charm bracelet with 14k plated gold and charms I bought from Michaels. Each charm was about 2 or 3 dollars, and I selected charms that made me think of her. I did a similar bracelet for another friend in silver.

  1. If you’re a DIY person, head to the crafts store for your gift. A card can be a beautiful gift, and it can be cheaper than just buying a card from the store. What’s more, you can add your own touches, decor, and you can put a mini-present or note inside, which makes the card even better. I like giving these cards with a necklace or jewelry inside because it adds a little bit of a surprise. I have some of these cards on my website, petalsofthesoul, and make them in any shape and size (I make them for 6 dollars each, depending on the card.) It involves a lot of folding, but in the end, it’s worth it! Here’s what they looked like: card

This was a card I made for a birthday, in the summer. I always think these cards turn out gorgeously. They’re so customizable, it’s crazy. So think of making a card like this, because mine opens up into a little box, and then you can add a trinket inside along with a note of how much you appreciate the person and hope that they have a wonderful holiday. I promise they won’t be disappointed.

2. This brings me to my second idea, which is jewelry. Go to a crafts store or online and just look for inspiration. If you’re making a necklace, bracelet, or anything really, think of something the person would really like. What’s their favorite color? Their favorite things? I love the ocean, so for me you might pick something blue and sea-themed. Maybe a necklace with puka shells, with blue beads in between. Most beads at crafts stores are around 3 to 5 dollars, and it’s something you created. It’s cheap, but beautiful.

3. Another cute thing to get that’s cheap is a mason jar. You can find them just about anywhere for a dollar or two, and then you can fill them up with ingredients for holiday cookies in layers!! It looks amazing, it’s adorable, and the other person gets cookies out of it. You might not even have to go to the store for this one. It looks like this:


That’s it for now but there are plenty of other cheap ways to make gifts or get gifts for the holidays! I can always write more later. Enjoy 🙂

DIY Molds + Resin

I feel like not enough importance is placed on molds in crafts. Paper crafts and drawing are common knowledge, but molds and resin are kind of niche in the crafting community. The only reason I ever know about them was due to a friend.

Personally, I love molds because they allow infinite possibilities. You can even make your own mold and draw in it if you hate every mold out there. Then, you can fill the mold with resin, acrylics, or anything you want to put in there. From there it’s possible to make earrings, necklaces, rings…anything your mind can make up. The best part is many molds are cheap! I bought some of mine for 4 dollars each on Ebay here. 

The best part about resin, to me, is being able to mix it with glitter and paint or really anything to create your own unique design. I just wanted to share in case it sparks any ideas with you, too 🙂

Here are some examples:





It’s not up on my store yet but I’ll be selling bracelets like this as of now 🙂 if it seems like anything you’d like you can message my email for details! 

Contact info: 

Every bracelet is different, so the prices are as well. $5 and up. The bracelets are also customizable and I can make anything you want c: 

Re Zero Episode 25


This is super late, but here is my short review on Re:Zero Episode 25.

The popular series finally ended a couple weeks ago. For fans of Rem, she wasn’t present throughout the entire episode, nor was her name even mentioned.

The episode starts with Subaru and Julius trying to defeat Beltegeuse once again, and this time, they succeed with some difficulty. Betelgeuse enters Subaru’s mind once more, and Subaru calls upon the witch. The witch comes into his mind to clutch his heart, and locks eyes with Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse is filled with joy at finally meeting the witch, who he thinks has come to greet him for always being her worshipper of love. Instead, she says, “You are not the one,” and moves to get Subaru. Betelgeuse, filled with shame and grief, begins to cry and asks the witch why she refuses to return his love. After this, he is returned back to his dying body, and dies.

Then, Subaru concentrates on trying to save Emilia from magical stones placed under her carriage with the kids that could explode at any second.

On his way there, Betelgeuse’s dead body uses its Unseen Hands to carry itself towards Subaru’s carriage. He tries to kill Subaru again, yelling about how the witch must return his love. Subaru steals his gospel, writes some words down, and destroys Betelgeuse once and for all. He then manages to find Emilia’s carriage and grabs the stones and chucks them inside a cave, riding away as fast as he can on Petriarch the ground dragon.

There is a huge blast, and Subaru falls unconscious.

We see him wake up in Emilia’s lap, and he is alive and well, with a few bruises. Subaru confesses his love for Emilia, and she says she does not know how to return his feelings yet, and she does not have an answer. He says that this is okay, and he will stay by her side until she loves him back.

My review: this was a good episode, although it was quite lukewarm for the tone of the series.Overall, the plot of Re:Zero was haphazard, and we never did learn anything more about the royal election, or Elsa Granhirte from the first few episodes, who stabbed Subaru and Emilia among others for the royal selection jewel. Lots of things were left unanswered, such as how Subaru even got into the world, how the royal selection is even going to get a winner, and why the witch’s cult was hunting Emilia, and anything about the witch was left even more unanswered than anything else.

I give the series overall a 5/10. If there is a second season, maybe it will be better.


Fall Inspired Makeup Look


For this makeup look, I only used my Elf cosmetics palette, and a paint brush. Of course, makeup brushes are probably better, but I lost mine in the mess that is my room.

To do this, first I outlined the purple, leaving a gap where the orange would be. Then, I colored in the orange. Then, I chose a darkish purple color to fill in the purple outline, and winged it out for a witchy effect. I wet my brush for all of these to make the colors pop even more. I also wet my brush and dipped it into a black shadow and lined my lashes in place of eyeliner, which I couldn’t find…

I know, I’m a mess. However! This makeup look is beautiful and I wanted to share it with you all for inspiration or if you wanted to try it for yourselves 🙂

Have fun, and if you have any ideas you’d like to see, tell me!!